Spax Shock Absorbers / Dampers - complete set

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A complete set of British made gas adjustable Spax shock absorbers for the DeLorean. All items are available separately.
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Part No. Produktname Anzahl
108588 Spax Shock Absorber / Damper - Front (single)
133,99 €
100408 Spax Shock Absorber / Damper - Rear (single)
168,99 €
101341 Bolt (Suspension)
3,99 €
100482 Pivot Bolt
18,99 €
SP10059 Nyloc Nut
0,99 €
SP10058 Washer
0,30 €
108099 Spacer Washer (rear suspension)
0,65 €
SP10776 Large Washer (rear suspension)
0,55 €
GT100114H Rear Spring Tool / Shock Spanner / Wrench
10,99 €
GT100114S Spax Rear Spring Tool / Shock Spanner / Wrench
13,99 €
A complete set of British made gas adjustable Spax shocks for the DeLorean. We have sold over 500 Spax shocks on this website. This is the very latest 2017 version, featuring upgraded top bushings and washers, and a new custom correctly sized bottom bolt hole.

Supplied in trendy Spax yellow (but can be painted easily enough).
These shocks are fully adjustable in seconds with 28 different settings, to suit all drivers. We also stock spare parts for everything on the shocks.

In stock for immediate shipping.

This kit contains the hardware normally replaced with the shocks - change quantities of the items you don't need:

(2) 108588 Front Spax Damper
(2) 100408 Rear Spax Damper
(2) 101341 Front High Tensile Shock Bolt
(2) 100482 Rear High Tensile Pivot Bolt
(4) SP10059 Nyloc nut (please note Nyloc nuts should never be reused)
(6) SP10058 Zinc plated washer
(4) 108099 Zinc plated spacer washer
(2) SP10776 Zinc plated large washer
(2) GT100114H Tool for if you want to adjust the rear ride height once the shocks are installed (A slightly bigger/better official Spax one is also available if you prefer.
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DeLorean Part No. GT100114
Herkunft DeLorean Go
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