30 Amp Circuit Breaker

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Modern replacement Auto-resetting 30 Amp Circuit Breaker
30 Amp Circuit Breaker

Used in the relay compartment for the blower motor when following the recommendation to use a 30 or 40 amp breaker instead of the factory fitted 20 amp breaker.

Locations of the 3 circuit breakers in the relay compartment:
No.15 (on its own) - Door Locks - 25A (factory) / 25A (recommended) / 40A (optional for ease)
No.20 (4 wires) - Blower Motor - 25A (factory) / 30A+ (recommended) / 40A (optional for ease)
No.21 (2 wires) - Cooling Fans - 40A (factory)

Also available as part of a kit. We also stock ring terminal connectors for freshening up your wiring - or new double spade connectors (you need 2 per breaker).
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DeLorean Part No. 106085A
Source DeLorean Go
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