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Fuel Filter installation kit - the very best filter available - not a rebranded "made in wherever" filter, this is made in Europe - including everything you need to do the job. All items are available separately. Change the quantities on the items you don't need, or swap numbers on bolts etc. where there is a choice. By default the numbers pre-filled are everything in the pictures, plus a new clamp and a sachet of anti-seize needed for assembling stainless bolts.
More details on each item are below at the bottom of the page.
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100523 Fuel Filter
106685 Fuel Filter Pad
106990 Elbow Fitting
100849 Fuel Filter Clamp
SP10742 Fuel Filter Clamp Screw
SP10742SS Stainless Fuel Filter Clamp Screw
SP10742A Allen Headed Stainless Fuel Filter Clamp Screw
SP10251 M4 Washer
SP10251SS Stainless M4 Washer
SP10166 M4 Nyloc Nut
SP10166SS Stainless M4 Nyloc Nut
SP10015 M6 Bolt
SP10015SS Stainless Bolt
SP10031 M6 Washer
SP10031SS Stainless M6 Washer
SP10024 M6 Nyloc Nut
SP10024SS Stainless M6 Nyloc Nut
AntiSeize Anti Seize Sachet
Fuel Filter installation kit - all items available separately. Change the quantities on the items you don't need.

Modern replacement European made quality fuel filter, tried and tested - correct sealing face on the bottom (not a captive nut which will leak). Supplied with new sealing washers.
Fuel filter pad
Replacement elbow fitting to hard line. Straight thread which enables you to seal the filter with washers rather than PTFE tape (you will need PTFE tape if you aren't replacing this elbow).
Stainless allen headed clamp bolt (plus washers and nut), much easier to tighten up with limited access
Replacement hardware for the clamp - available in zinc plated or stainless.
5g sachet of anti-seize compound, used to help prevent stainless bolts from seizing/galling.
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Part No. K100523
Source DeLorean Go
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This part is suitable for all 1981, 1982, 1983 DeLorean cars, and appears in the following categories:

Fuel and Emission
2-1-0 Fuel Tank/Hoses/Accumulator