Lower Ball Joints (PAIR)

DeLorean Part No.
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One pair of the now world-famous DeLorean Club UK ball joints - made just for us. These ones won't fail on you!
Supplied with circlips and Nylok locking nuts. Castle nuts with split pins, as an alternative, are available separately.
One pair of brand new lower front suspension ball joints. DCUK's biggest success story - now sold by vendors all over the world.

MADE IN THE U.K., by a company that only makes ball joints, and has been doing so with a strong reputation for 40 years.

Supplied with rubber boots, circlips and modern day Nylok nuts as standard (although they are pre-drilled and we also stock castle nuts and split pins too if you prefer). These are very high quality, made in the UK exclusively for DeLorean Club UK, and are fully guaranteed against defects arising from faulty materials or workmanship.

These are not a crossed-matched part, unlike the modified VW ball joints (which don't quite match!) sold by one U.S. vendor, and will not fail after 2000 miles! This company made a number of DeLorean ball joints in the 1980s and knows what they are doing.

Remanufactured ball joint failure horror stories are common. If you haven't replaced yours with DCUK now is the time! See picture for an example of what happens if you don't....
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DeLorean Part No. 109266
Source DeLorean Club
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