Complete Stainless Banjo Bolt Kit

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102343SS Stainless M8 Banjo Bolt
102351SS Stainless M10 Banjo Bolt
102369SS Stainless M12 Banjo Bolt
102358 Double Banjo Bolt / Hollow Screw
102344 M8 Copper Washer (Injector Lines and CPR)
102344A Thicker M8 Copper Washer (for use on injectors with new bolts)
102352 M10 Copper Washer (Warm Up Regulator / CPR)
102360 M12 Copper Washer
100523 Fuel Filter
106685 Fuel Filter Pad
A complete set of every banjo hollow fuel bolt on the car in stainless steel - complete with copper washers. Adjust quantities for the ones you don't need.

It is highly recommended to replace the fuel filter at the same time.