Major Service Kit (Manual)

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102114 Bosch Oil Filter
102101 M16 Copper Crushable Seal Washer
103815A Oil Sump Drain Plug
111104 Sump Drain Key Square Socket Tool
103815H Hex Head Magnetic Oil Sump Drain Plug
100523 Fuel Filter
106685 Fuel Filter Pad
106990 Elbow Fitting
101069A Lambda Probe / O2 Oxygen Sensor (aftermarket)
102575 Air Filter
101059 Air Mixture Unit O Ring
102606 Distributor Cap
102604 Rotor Arm
102443 NGK Spark Plug
102702 Ignition Leads / HT Leads - original manufacturer
K111171 Intake O-Ring Kit
102249 Rocker Cover Gasket LH (1,2,3)
102256 Rocker Cover Gasket RH (4,5,6)
101643 Fuel pump screen filter
102442 Alternator Drive Belt / Fan Belt
105505 Air Conditioning Drive Belt
110151 Bosch Spoiler Wiper Blades (PAIR)
K110150 Bosch AeroTwin Wiper Blades (PAIR)
Recommended every four years or 30,000 miles - also a good idea if you're bringing any DeLorean "back to life" after extended storage.

All items available separately, and in all cases these are the very best items available for this job - see the separate listings for things like the installation hardware for the fuel filter clamp for example, or some products might have other versions available - change quantities of the items you don't require.
By default the numbers pre-filled are everything in the pictures, plus 8 litres of oil if you are in the UK (which we can't ship outside of the UK).
More details on each item are below at the bottom of the page.