Complete LED Light / Bulb Kit

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SP10305A Ultra Bright Interior Dome Light / Licence Plate LED Bulb
C008 Tail light harness connectors (PAIR)
100438 License / Number Plate Light Lens Assembly
SP10305 Licence Plate / Interior Dome Light COB LED Bulb
SP10077A LED bulb (rear lights / brake lights)
SP10076A Red LED bulb (rear marker tail light)
K108138 Side Marker Gasket KIT (4 gaskets only)
106429 Side Marker Light Socket
SP11306R Red LED Side Marker Bulb
SP11306A Amber (orange) LED Side Indicator Marker Bulb
K111532 Door LEDs Kit (set of 6)
100540 Interior Light
108288 Cigar Lighter Complete with Illuminated Ring
SP10301A Headlight / Hazard Switch / Cigar Lighter LED Bulb
SP10307A A/C Panel / Centre Console / Auto Shifter LED bulb
101216A Glove Box LED bulb
SP10302W Instrument Cluster Illumination LED Bulb (warm white)
SP10302C Instrument Cluster Illumination LED Bulb (cool white)
SP10302R Instrument Cluster LED bulb - Red
SP10302G Instrument Cluster LED bulb - Green
101315A Hella Outer Headlight for Right Hand Traffic
SP10302B Instrument Cluster LED bulb - Blue
SP10302Y Instrument Cluster LED bulb - Amber
SP10302 Instrument Panel Bulb
100708 Hazard / Flasher Relay (LED compatible)
111315A High Intensity H4 Headlight Bulb
111315 H4 Headlight Bulb
101315S Headlight Side Light Bulb Holder
SP10303 Ultra Bright Warm White LED Bulb (doors / headlight side light replacement)
SP10303A Ultra Bright Cool White LED Bulb (headlight side light replacement)
SP10306W Ultra Bright Warm White LED Bulb for Hella headlight side light
SP10306C Ultra Bright Cool White LED Bulb for Hella headlight side light
C001 Headlight Connector
SP10065A Amber LED Front Indicator Bulb (upgraded new version)
SP10304A Ultra Bright Courtesy LED Bulb (Luggage Compartment)
106272 Black Stainless Rear Tail Light Screw
108938 Black Stainless License Plate Bezel Screw
SP10193 Black Stainless License Plate Light Screw
SP10114 Black Stainless Side Marker Screw
SP10080 Black Stainless Headlight Screw
SP10066 Black Stainless Front Indicator Small Screw
SP10067 Black Stainless Front Indicator Large Screw
105851 Instrument Cluster Printed Circuit PCB
K101992 UK Fog Light Modification Kit
DReverse The DReverseā„¢ Invisible Reverse Parking Sensor System
101488DG The DeLorean Go Tail Light Board (single)
This is a complete kit to replace literally every bulb in your DeLorean with a modern, bright, low power, low heat LED bulb (with the exception of the main headlights). Months of testing and research has gone into creating this kit, which is a one-of-a-kind complete set using only the best, brightest and most suitable bulbs for the application. All items are available separately, just change the quantities of the items you don't need before pressing the "buy now" button. Everything in the picture is pre-selected, and includes other parts commonly replaced at the same time as these bulbs.