The DeLorean Go Silicone Rubber Door Top Roof Seal

DeLorean Part No.
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Newly made in our legendary silicone rubber material, 2 required per car. This is the seal that attaches to the top of the door behind a metal plate using 8 rivets - known as both 106967 and 106968. Rubber only - re-use your original stainless seal plate. This is supplied as a flat piece, you will need to trim this to shape and punch 8 holes in each side - ideally use your old seal as a template. The left hand side is a mirror image of the right hand side.

You will need 16 SP10780SS pop rivets to attach these to both doors.

Made in Britain exclusively for DeLorean Go to our bespoke profile and requirements. We also stock outer door frame seals, bottom door sill seals and hood seals in this same material.