Engine Self Bleeder Kit (silicone)

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This self bleeder kit gives you the ability to "auto bleed" the cooling system. The kit replaces the bleed nipple at the water pump (a small amount of PTFE tape (available separately) will be required to make the connection water-tight here) and features a silicone hose (rubber version available on a separate listing) that runs to the top of the coolant bottle, teeing into the existing hose connection there. Also included is a shut-off valve to turn the auto-bleed off, should you want to. 6 fully stainless clamps for the new connections are included, but also consider this a good time to replace that coolant bottle bleed hose, for which would need 1 x 101760 hose (choice of rubber or silicone) and 2 x SP10348 clamps - see the links at the bottom of the page.

See also our front radiator area easy-bleed kit.