Manual Transmission Roll Pin, Seal and Gasket Kit

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103195 Roll Pin (1 of 4 used per car)
103195A Reinforcement for Roll Pin
103219 Roll Pin (1 of 2 used per car)
103219A Reinforcement for Roll Pin
7703067082 5th Gear Roll Pin (1 used per car)
7703067082A Reinforcement for 5th Gear Roll Pin (1 used per car)
103077 Reverse Spindle Roll Pin (1 used per car)
103077A Reinforcement for Reverse Spindle Roll Pin (1 used per car)
103092 Roll Pin
103092A Reinforcement for Roll Pin (1 used per car)
SP10090 Differential Flange Pin
SP10090A Differential Flange Pin Reinforcement
SP10090SS Stainless Differential Flange Pin
SP10090SSA Stainless Differential Flange Pin Reinforcement
103000 End Cover Gasket (New)
103000O End Cover Gasket (original)
103001 Gearbox Gasket
103049 Manual Transmission Selector Lever Seal
103177 Input Shaft Lip Seal (new)
103103 O Ring
103016 Magnetic Drain Plug (gearbox)
103013 O Ring Seal (Adjuster Ring)
103120 O Ring Seal (Final Drive)
104216 Drive Shaft Lip Seal - double lipped
104216A Upgraded Triple Lipped Drive Shaft Seal
100119 CV Axle Boot Kit
100119T CV Boot Clamp Tool
100169R CV Joint Retaining Ring
SP10013 Upgraded M10 Driveshaft Bolt
SP10036 M10 Spring Washer
A complete set of reinforced roll pins, seals, gaskets and o-rings for the manual/5 speed transmission and drive shafts.
This is also a good time to replace the drive shaft bolts with our modern DBolt™ upgraded drive shaft bolt set, and you might want to renew the 4 CV boots whilst you are there. This would also be a good time to consider replacing the drive shaft CV joints whilst you have them apart (4 required per car), and if your flange sealing surfaces are pitted we supply a sleeve to repair these (2 required per car).

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