Aluminium 2 row Radiator

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For a more complete job see the full kit (fully customisable) with fitting hardware.
DeLorean Europe aluminium 2 row high performance radiator. Still the best, after many years

If switching from an old radiator you will also need a pair of M10 bolts (replaces the bottom stud fitting). We also stock new rubber (or polyurethane) mounting bushes, which should be replaced at the same time (4 required) - along with 2 x SP10835 washer - see the full kit (fully customisable) for this.

I'd like to display this on my wall as a piece of art - are all the fins perfect and immaculate looking? No, feel free to use a comb to perfect them, or don't worry about it...!
Do all of the holes line up? Yes, probably - although (even if buying the condenser and fans from us), a minor bit of bending and wiggling *might* be required (not usually). Being made from aluminium this it will bend and reshape without any effort and this radiator will re-shape slightly to suit your car during installation. This is quite a versatile product that will fit well on all cars.
This is a highly popular product with several hundreds now sold all over the world, and well known for its highly efficient cooling and ease of installation.