Spax Shock Absorber / Damper - Front (single)

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A single British made gas adjustable Spax shock absorber specifically designed for the DeLorean - front. We have sold over 1000 Spax shocks on this website. This is the very latest version, featuring upgraded top bushings and washers, and a new custom correctly sized bottom bolt hole.

Supplied in trendy Spax yellow (but can be painted easily enough).
These shocks are fully adjustable in seconds (whilst on the car, without tools - using a knob) with 28 different settings, to suit all drivers, from super-soft to very hard, and everything in-between, and uses and is fully compatible with all of the original mounting hardware.
Compatible with original springs, as well as the new springs we stock.

These are the very best quality shocks we sell, and come with a 2 year full warranty
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