The DeLorean Go Silicone Rubber Outer Door Seal (1 COMPLETE DOOR)

DeLorean Part No.
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Full set of silicone rubber weatherstripping outer door seals for 1 side of the car, supplied as 2 pieces - 2 of these sets are required per car. DeLorean part numbers 111126/111128 (which replaced 108982, 108983, 108984, 108985, 108986, 108987, 108988, 108989).

Brand new, cut to length (some minor trimming required), you will get 2 pieces, which is enough to do one door. This will do parts 29,30,32 in the picture. You just need some black adhesive - Our black adhesive is recommended.

Made exclusively for DeLorean Go with well over 200 complete sets sold to date.

We also stock top door seals, bottom door sill seals and hood seals in this same material, all British made to our bespoke profile.