Cooling Kit (Fans and Radiator)

DeLorean Part No.
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Cooling Kit (Fans with aluminium shroud and high performance 2 row aluminium radiator) from DeLorean Europe

If switching from an old radiator you will also need a pair of M10 bolts (replaces the bottom stud fitting). We also stock new rubber mounting bushes, which should be replaced at the same time (4 required) - along with 2 x SP10835 washer.

Is the radiator perfectly straight? No, not really, it's made from aluminium and bends slightly, it's straight when bolted on though
Are all the fins perfect and immaculate looking? No, feel free to use a comb to perfect them, or don't worry about it...!
Do all of the holes line up? Not always - even when buying the condenser and fans from us, a bit of bending and wiggling might be required, sometimes even a need to drill new holes. Welcome to low volume production!
This is a highly popular radiator with several hundreds now sold all over the world, with no known failures, and well know for its highly efficient cooling.

The fan cowling has pre-drilled holes which matches most radiators, but since all are not the same you might have to drill extra holes in the cowling depending on your radiator - even when buying this kit with radiator from us. In nearly all cases you will need to bend, pull and wiggle to get the holes to line up, being made from aluminium this is a lot easier to do than it sounds....! In some cases you might consider use of spacing washers to aid installation to the radiator. This is a handmade product and far from cosmetically perfect, but nonetheless a very popular product.