The D-Arm™ Fully Loaded Anodised Solid Aluminium Lower Control Arms (PAIR) - price includes a refundable core deposit.

DeLorean Part No.
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Exclusive to DeLorean Club UK, a PAIR of British made black anodised aluminium lower control arms / lower link. Made from a solid block of aluminium billet - complete with new DeLorean Club UK lower ball joints, new 100154 rubber bushings and new high tensile longer 101341 shock bolts/SP10058 washers/SP10059 nuts.
Completely optionally you can return us your old control arm(s) if they are serviceable - £100(GBP) or equivalent per arm will be refunded to you on receipt of your old non-cracked/non-twisted arm(s).
Lifetime guarantee against breaking, on condition they have been fitted correctly, and in an OEM configuration, and only used in the manner intended (e.g. not for towing), and you haven't hit something.