Licence Plate / Interior Dome Light COB LED Bulb

DeLorean Part No.
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A replacement warm white wide beam COB LED bulb for the 2 interior dome lights, the engine bay light and the 2 numberplate lights. 5 used per car, these are modern replacements for your incandescent bulbs and use only 0.8 watts of power and produce much less heat. Using the very latest COB LEDs to give the a slightly higher light output than the original bulbs but at a lot less power and heat. Please also see the ultra-bright (slightly whiter light) version of these, good for the interior lights and the engine bay light.

Our recommendation is to use 2 of these for the numberplate lights, and 3 of the "ultra bright" ones for the interior lights and engine bay light, although these bulbs (on this listing) have a slightly warmer colour and have a wider beam. We also stock LED bulbs for the luggage compartment light.

You will want to remove the white interior lamp delay module from the relay compartment, as the lamp delay is incompatible with LED bulbs

Please note that LEDs only work one way around, if it doesn't work first time, then reverse the way round you install the bulb.