Type 1 Sunshade / Louvre Reinforcement Strip / Bracket Set

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Sunshade Louvre Reinforcement Strip Set - Type 1. See the picture (picture 3) of the thickness of the centre rib to determine if your car is a "type 1" or a "type 2".
Type 1 sunshade / louvre reinforcement strip kit. See the picture of the thickness of the centre rib to determine if your car is a "type 1" or a "type 2". This kit is used to repair broken louvres or help prevent unbroken louvres from cracking. Rather than a one-size-fits-all solution, there is a choice of 2 versions, depending on the type of louvres on your car. The later type louvres were made with thicker fibreglass for extra strengthening, but these still crack.

Attached with 8 screws and nuts, it is also recommended to glue these in place for extra strength as well as screwing - either with the supplied epoxy adhesive, or with our Wurth Bond and Seal.

These are supplied unfinished, ready for painting black (a correct colour paint is available from us) - alternatively can be left stainless but you will want to brush-finish one side of each first, for this you will need a blending pad or flap wheel (available from us).

Supplied with instructions, 8 of each 2 different sized stainless screws, 8 stainless nuts and epoxy adhesive, for performing minor filling-in repairs, and for gluing the strips to the louvres as well as screwing them in.
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DeLorean Part No. A1000021
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