Brake Dust Wheel Shields

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Set of 4 aluminium shields to prevent brake dust and keep your wheels cleaner for longer!

Does not affect brake cooling.
A DeLorean Club exclusive:

The ‘Pro Wheel Shields’

One of the common gripes with keeping a DeLorean clean is the wheels, with all sorts of brushes and cleaning fluid it’s still time consuming.
The only real cure is to prevent brake dust to start with, there were some brake dust shields available in short supply from a couple of US vendors and online in the US, but have long since been discontinued.
We are pleased to announce that they are now available again and being remanufactured in the UK, exclusively for us.
Easy to install with no special tools, other than a jack and brace etc. There are no effects on brake cooling.

Made from Aluminium, they are supplied in bare finish for you to either leave plain, coat in a clear lacquer, or refinish to whatever colour you desire.

Supplied as a complete set of 4. The front shields are supplied with a rubber seal for added protection.

Click here to see reviews, and "with" and "without" pictures to show the difference they make...!
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This part is suitable for all 1981, 1982, 1983 DeLorean cars, and appears in the following categories:

Brakes and Wheels
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