Complete Rubstrip Set

DeLorean Part No.
14 in stock. **Dispatched on Friday 30 July** (due to holiday/vacation)
A complete set of the side rubbing strips - complete with modern self-adhesive backing.
A complete set of the side rub strips - contains:
(1) 100636 Front Rubstrip, Front Fender RH
(1) 100637 Front Rubstrip, Front Fender LH
(1) 100638 Rear Rubstrip, Front Fender RH
(1) 100639 Rear Rubstrip, Front Fender LH
(1) 100640 Front Rubstrip, Door RH
(1) 100641 Front Rubstrip, Door LH
(1) 100642 Rear Rubstrip, Door RH
(1) 100643 Rear Rubstrip, Door LH
(1) 100644 Front Rubstrip, Quarter RH
(1) 100645 Front Rubstrip, Quarter LH
(1) 100646 Rear Rubstrip, Quarter RH
(1) 100647 Rear Rubstrip, Quarter LH
(4) 101742 Rubstrip, Common End
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DeLorean Part No. K114109
Source Factory Original
New/Used New Old Stock
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