Headlight Switch Saver Bypass Kit

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Main headlight switch saver / bypass kit.
Please note this kit will not work with the DMCH "improved" 108388N switch.

This easy-to-install kit reduces the electrical strain on the main headlight switch (part number 108388) by supplying power to the running lights and side lights through a heavy-duty relay, rather than through the main headlight switch. Normally, the running lights and side markers draw about 4 amps of power through the switch. With this kit installed, the current draw is reduced to only the amount of the trigger current for the relay. This reduction in current flow through the switch prevents overheating and can extend the life of the switch, which is prone to melting otherwise! This installation does not alter the operation of the running lights and headlights.

Will require cutting and joining wires using solder and heatshrink or a connector block of some kind (not supplied)

Instructions included.
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Part No. K108388
Source DeLorean Go
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This part is suitable for all 1981, 1982, 1983 DeLorean cars, and appears in the following categories:

3-6-2 Combination Switches