Radiator with Fans and/or Condenser and Fitting Kit

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Completely configurable kit to replace the radiator and/or a/c condenser and/or the cooling fans with our modern and efficient replacements - with everything else normally replaced at the same time.

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Radiator with Fans and/or Condenser and Fitting Kit
Radiator with Fans and/or Condenser and Fitting Kit

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    Choose to replace either only the radiator, only the condenser, fans, or replace all 3. First choose which, or how many of the 3 main items you want, then simply de-select the items you don't need.

    - Aluminium 2 row high performance radiator (requires new bolts instead of studs).
    - Low power draw radiator cooling fans complete with aluminium cowling - completely plug and play with original type connectors
    - New made condenser / condensor for the air conditioning system - suitable for use with R134A and R12 (and replacements)

    This radiator is still the best, after many years - being made from aluminium it will easily adjust to suit the holes of the other items you're installing with it and will re-shape slightly to suit your car. This is quite a versatile product that will fit well on all cars.
    A highly popular product with several hundreds now sold all over the world, and well known for its highly efficient cooling and ease of installation.
    Not designed to be seen, every single one of the fins won't be perfect and immaculate looking - but feel free to use a comb to perfect them if it bothers you, or don't worry about it...!

    Thw low power draw fans are suitable for use with both original and aftermarket radiators - the cowling has pre-drilled holes which matches most radiators, and easily adjusted if not. In many cases a minor amount of bending and wiggling might be needed to get the holes to line up, being made from aluminium this is a lot easier to do than it sounds....! In some cases you might consider use of spacing washers to aid installation to the radiator depending on the fans or radiator you are using.
    Neither of the 3 main items on this page are designed to be visually perfect looking - but all work well.

    For shipping purposes, the fans are supplied not attached to the aluminium shroud, so these need to be assembled using the 24 black stainless screws supplied.
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    This part is suitable for all 1981, 1982, 1983 DeLorean cars, and appears in the following categories:

    1-3-1 Radiator/Piping
    7-2-0 Refrigeration System