Steering Column Bushing (rubber)

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Rubber steering column bushing - also available in polyurethane and Delrin.
This steering column bush can have a slit cut with a sharp knife to allow it to be pressed in in minutes without the need to take the steering column out. A common MOT failure.

If the bushing itself needs to be replaced, there are two ways to do it, one is to remove the universal joints from inside the driver’s side wheel well, and then remove the securing bolts for the steering column, disconnect the wires for the various switches that are on the steering column, remove the column, install the bushing in the firewall and then reinstall everything.
We have found most times a quicker and easier way is that once you obtain the new bushing, you will see there is a casting mark on the bushing that runs across it. What you do is just on one side cut it so that it allows you to open up the bushing up like the letter "C". Then put the bushing in warm water to make it soft and apply some grease or lubricant around it, and then from inside the car, apply it in place and use a pry bar or large screw driver press it into place where it will actually lock into the firewall. For best results, orientate the split that you put in it to allow it to go around the column to the top so when you do lubricate it, the actual lubrication will go in and gives it a nice easy track to penetrate all the way around the shaft.

Also available in Delrin plastic which is a better solution if you are removing the steering column to fit anyway.
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DeLorean Part No. 101994
Source DeLorean Go
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