Amber LED Front Indicator Bulb (upgraded new version)

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Modern bright amber LED replacement bulb for the front indicators. 2 per car, brighter than OEM originals. Updated version for 2022.
Modern very bright amber LED replacement bulb for the front indicators. Our LEDs are the brightest and cheapest of any DeLorean vendor. 2 per car. Utilising the very latest technology to be as bright, if not brighter, than stock and only uses 4 watts of power.

If you haven't already replaced your flasher relay unit (in the front footwell) with a modern LED compatible one, then you will need to replace this with a new one otherwise these bulbs won't flash correctly - see the separate listing for this, suitable for both normal incandescent bulbs and LEDs, plug and play, no wiring modifications needed. Just make sure you have these in the bulb holder the correct way around since it is possible to force them in the wrong way around (the locator pins on the side will help with this).
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DeLorean Part No. SP10065A
Source DeLorean Go
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3-5-0 Lighting System - Front